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electrical safety certificates

There are four types of electrical safety certificates.
  • Electrical installation certificate
  • Periodical test, inspection & report
  • Domestic installation certificate
  • Minor works certificate
  • Electrical installation certificate / Domestic installation certificate

    This is issued to the customer on the completion of any electrical installation works. It details the type of works undertaken; any deviations from the regulations as listed in BS 7671, who designed, installed and tested the works and when the next inspection is due.

    Periodical test, inspection & report

    This is used for the testing of existing electrical installations that have come up for their next inspections or for installations that do not have a current installation certificate. It will detail most if not all of the deviations that need to be addressed and will fall into four categories / codes.
  • Code 1.
  • Major deviation from the regulations, immediate remedial works are required and the system is unsafe to remain in service in its present condition.
  • Code 2.
  • Minor deviation from the regulations, remedial works are required to the electrical installation, this should be carried out soon and in there, present condition does not provide immediate danger to life or property.
  • Code 3.
  • Requires further investigation.
  • Code 4.
  • Does not comply with BS 7671: as amended (2004)

    Minor works certificate

    This is used for small works like additional sockets or lights that are not in special locations. A minor works certificate cannot be used for the provision of a new circuit.